Dual Track Screw Insert Bowl with Elevated Hopper

The Bellco team crafted a multipurpose feeding system to feed a variety of part lengths efficiently.

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  • Industry: Automotive
  • Rate: 60 parts per minute
  • Hopper Capacity: 30-minute unattended run time
  • Components: Vibratory Bowl Feeder with Dual Track System, Bowl with Soft Carpet Base, and Custom Elevated Hopper

About The Project

Bellco was approached by an industrial company seeking a space-saving and versatile parts feeding system. The client required a system capable of running two different diameter parts simultaneously within a single bowl, while maintaining high feed rates and accommodating various part lengths. 


New 3D Model Image

Bellco's engineering team was faced with numerous challenges during the project: 

1. Space Efficiency: The client needed a solution that would optimize floor space by using one bowl instead of multiple bowls for different parts. 

2. Multi-Part Compatibility: The system had to handle two different diameter parts on separate tracks, each with three different length variations, without compromising feed rates. 

3. Part Protection: It was crucial to ensure that the parts were not damaged during the feeding process, requiring innovative bowl design and material selection.  

4. Operator Accessibility: The client requested an elevated hopper design to enable easy loading of parts at ground level by the operator.

How our team handled emerging challenges: 

Dual Track System

Bellco's engineering team devised a dual track system that allowed the client to run two different diameter parts within the same bowl. Each track accommodated three different length variations without sacrificing feed rates.

Dual Vibratory Bowl

Innovative Bowl Design

To protect the parts from damage, Bellco designed a bowl with a soft carpet base transitioning to a rubber coating along the track. This ensured gentle handling of the parts throughout the feeding process.

Bowl Design

Quick Change Tooling

Bellco implemented strategically placed air nozzles and a simple change tooling mechanism, enabling the client to switch between tracks rapidly, within seconds, for seamless production transitions.

Quick Change Tooling

Elevated Hopper with Automation

Bellco engineered an elevated hopper that allowed the operator to load parts from ground height conveniently. A level sensor installed in the bowl communicated with the hopper, triggering it to load more parts as needed, ensuring uninterrupted operation and maximum efficiency.




Space Savings

By utilizing one bowl for multiple parts, the client achieved significant space savings in their production facility.

Elevated Hopper


Bellco's innovative parts feeding solution not only met the client's specific requirements but also delivered tangible benefits in terms of efficiency, space utilization, part protection, and operator convenience. 

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