Plastic Cap Feeder

Bellco Designed and Manufactured Vibratory Bowl Feeders for a Plastic Cap.

  • Industry: Consumer Products
  • Rate: 75 parts per minute per system
  • Hopper Capacity: 60 minutes unattended run time
Case Study - Plastic Cap

About The Project

Bellco designed and manufactured this vibratory bowl feeding system to quickly, 75 parts per minute, orient and feed a cylindrical plastic cap from bulk.  Because of the speed required, Bellco also designed a long air-fed linear track to create an accumulating buffer of parts. At the end of the linear track was a custom parts escapement to present one part at a time to an automated machine assembly process. 

This vibratory feeder bowl system included:

  • custom welded and painted steel legs
  • bulk parts hopper
  • a long vibratory linear feeding track with air assist
  • shortage stop sensing
  • three sets of variable frequency, intelligent digital controllers

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