VibratoryBowl Feeders

Custom Vibratory Bowl Feeders from Bellco Feeders

Vibratory feeder bowls are the most common way to sort, feed and orient parts in a manufacturing setting.

Parts are added from bulk and due to a specific vibration tuning process, feed around and up the bowl passing though various tooling processes until the exit in-line oriented a specific way. 

At Bellco Feeders we take pride in delivering the best vibratory bowl feeding systems at ultra competitive pricing. Our team has years of experience designing feeding solutions to handle a wide range of part geometries.

Our Standard Package Includes:

Intelligent Controllers
All our bowl feeders are equipped with digital variable frequency intelligent controllers, which are simple to operate and maintain. Our controllers are housed in a latched controller box to prohibit dust buildup and assist in preventing operator tampering. We also offer an option for automatic machine PLC connectivity.
Wear Resistant Coating
Our environment friendly, anti-corrosion wear resistant coating helps to alleviate the wear on the surface of the bowl. Our coating is an average of .6mm thick which also helps to reduce noise making our bowls meet your sound requirements.
Robust Construction and Materials
Our bowls are constructed out of stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance regardless of manufacturing environment. Our in-line tracks are made out of 4140 prehard steel to reduce wear and increase life. Our base plates are 25mm thick ground steel with a high quality nickel plated finish.
Automatic Operations
Our systems are designed to operate automatically. All our in-line feeders include keyence sensors to turn the bowl off when the track is full and in all our bowls with hoppers we incorporate keyence sensors that will automatically turn on the hopper to add the proper number of parts into the bowl when the bowl gets low. Our systems are also equipped with stack lights to indicate to an operator when the system needs more parts.

Linear Feeders

Our linear feeders are the most common accessory incorporated into our bowl feeder package.

This feeder works similarly to the bowl but, its main purpose is to move parts in a line to exit the feeder bowl system. This type of feeder can move the parts using vibrations and/or air guidance to any desired location away from the bowl.

A liner feeder also creates an accumulating buffer which makes sure a part is always ready to be unloaded and aids in feeder rate and output. 

Linear Feeder - Vibratory Bowl Feeder Page

Feeder Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your bowls stainless steel?
Yes, our bowls are constructed from 316 stainless steel. 
Do you stock replacement parts?
Yes, we do. All of our feeding systems are delivered with a full Bill of Material (BOM), and a recommended spare parts list. Any spare parts for your systems can be purchased through Bellco.
How can I schedule service?
Great question, we support our systems wherever they end up. Send us an email to or fill out the contact form on our website and a Bellco team member will be in touch soon. 

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